3 Simple Tips To Stop Mindless Snacking – FINALLY!



Eating is something we all need to do, nobody can deny that. It provides our body with much needed calories and essential fats that help our brain and body function throughout our busy days. 

But when we aren’t fuelling our bodies with the essentials and instead filling it with the wrong fuel, problems arise.

I’m sure you’ve noticed, but in between meals or even shortly after meals sometimes we tend eat for not reason. This is a common problem and we can help!

We found 5 experts and they’ve weighed in on this topic to finally help you stop mindless eating and snacking.


1. Deal With The Underlying Causes

Eating Bird Food advises we deal with the underlying causes and we tend to agree:

“Often times we find ourselves mindlessly snacking because of certain emotions or situations (boredom, loneliness, stress). Have you ever received a heated email and immediately made a beeline to the kitchen for a treat, just to procrastinate writing the response?

Start to notice when your emotions are fuelling your eating and try to find a different outlet for those emotions!

This one is tough (especially if you’ve been an emotional eater your whole life) and I won’t deny that it requires a ton of practice, but figuring out how to deal with emotions without using food is huge when it comes to mindless snacking.”

2. Control Your Environment

Jillian Michael’s blog suggests that your environment and what you have on hands makes all the difference:

It’s simple. If you find that you’re having a serious issue with self control, then don’t keep snacks in the house. You can’t eat what’s not there! If a certain food is your personal kryptonite, stop buying it.

It’s no fun to deprive yourself of your favourite foods, but if you find it that hard to keep yourself in check, it’s not worth keeping them around either.

It’s time to stop doing what you’ve done to gain the weight and time to start making the tough changes you need to FINALLY lose the weight for good.

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3. Drink Lots Of Water

Organize Yourself Skinny has a great tip and that’s to drink more water:

Water is a huge component to weight loss, more than I ever thought. Water keeps you hydrated, satisfied, and your system moving. Often, what’s mistaken for hunger is really your body saying it’s thirsty.

Personally, I find it difficult to drink 64 ounces of water a day. I tend to do better when I use my water bottle because then I can track the amount of water I’m drinking. This is my favorite water bottle on Amazon.

When I’m hydrated I feel focused and energized. To be honest, I didn’t realize staying hydrated played a role in that until I started drinking green smoothies and focusing on water. Before that I was tired a lot, sluggish, and had brain fog quite often. Prioritizing water prevents all of that.

I recommend keeping a water bottle with you all the time. The water is there to help with hydration but it also serves as a reminder not to mindless snack.

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We know eating and mindlessly snacking is a huge issue for many of us, we hope these tips gave your some insight into how to fix this problem once and for all!



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