The 6 Biggest Nutrition Mistakes Most People Make



As a theme on our site, we try to not to portray a perfect way of doing anything. Life is life and everyone make mistakes. Hopefully we learn from them and move one. That includes how we fuel our body and how eat everyday!

I stumbled upon Shape’s article (Written by: Lisa Hayim of @thewellnecessities) about this and thought it was so well written I briefly broke down the 6 mistakes for you in this blog post.

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1. Being afraid to make mistakes.

This is a classic that we tend to do when trying to lose a few inches that Shape puts into perspective:

As you develop that inner wisdom, your goal is to research your own experience in a non-biased way. That means you’re going to have to try out some new ways of eating, and that can be scary.

But don’t be afraid to mess up. Eat too little or too much. Try something new. Recognize that there are no rules about when and how much you should eat. (Related: The Biggest Sports Nutrition Mistakes You’re Probably Making)

Making “mistakes” allows you to grow your inner and outer wisdom and become more aware of what works for your body and what doesn’t. That way, you can make better-informed decisions next time.


2. Waiting until you’re on “empty” to eat

We find this mistake in our daily lives, you may too? Shape gives us a breakdown:

If you’re interested in mindful eating or intuitive eating, you’ve probably heard about the idea of eating based on hunger cues.

This is an awesome approach, but I notice that people often wait until they’re ravenous to eat. Unfortunately, this approach puts you in a feast or famine mindset, going into a meal so, so hungry and leaving so, so full.

Instead, try to find that balance, noticing when you experience gentle feelings of hunger. Then honour them, feed your body, and end the experience feeling comfortable.

And I don’t just mean comfortable from a mental and guilt-free perspective, but also without the physical symptoms such as bloating, tiredness, and everything else that can come along with overeating.

3. Focusing on subtraction rather than addition

I think this tip is something that we all do subconsciously. It’s what we’ve been taught it seems, but I think it’s time we rewire our brains. Shape explains:

When people want to feel good about how they’re eating, the first thing they do is start subtracting things from their diet. They give up dairy, gluten, sugar, or whatever else. (Related: A Healthy Diet Doesn’t Have to Mean Giving Up the Food You Love)

While that might make you feel good for the first few days, ultimately it’s not creating real change since it’s usually temporary. So instead of getting rid of things, consider what you could add to your diet. That could be new foods, like fruits and vegetables, or it could be playing with the quantities of what you’re eating. It could mean adding more plant-based fats or adding more gluten-free grains like quinoa and oats.

Because real health isn’t about restriction. It’s about abundance, feeling empowered eating a variety of foods, eating a full range of colors, and nourishing yourself.

4. Assuming that because something worked for you in the past, it will still work for you now

This tip is something we’ve had our readers mention before. We get stuck in our old patterns and ways don’t realize our body needs a change. Shape opens up about this:

During a woman’s life cycle, there are so many changes to your body and hormones. That’s why periodically reevaluating the things that you hold true about nutrition is key. You’ve got to make sure that they still work for you in your current phase of life.

To do this, come up with a list of things about diet, nutrition, and your personal eating habits that you believe to be true. These could be “rules” such as: always eat breakfast, always wait three hours to eat again between snacks and meals, intermittent fasting is the only way for you to lose weight, etc.

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5. Only using the scale to track your progress

You’ve never done this, have you? Hah! This one is a huge mistake millions of us make on a daily basic. Thanks to Shape, we have a new plan:

I’m not anti-scale, but I do think we put too much emphasis on it. As a result, we allow the scale to dictate if we feel like we are making progress or not. For a lot of people, it can be more self-defeating than positive reinforcement.

And most importantly, it doesn’t necessarily show the personal growth or the healthy behaviors that you’re actually adopting. (Related: Real Women Share Their Favorite Non-Scale Victories)

Plus, most people who are trying to lose weight are working out. Most of them are gaining muscle, especially if they’re doing any strength-based workouts.

When we’re building muscle, we are going to see a higher number on the scale or that number stay stagnant, which could be discouraging for some. (BTW, here’s why body composition is the new weight loss.)

6. Not giving yourself permission to eat what you want

Do you relate to this? I think it’s only natural, but’s good to know how to think more holistically. Shape has some ideas below:

Hunger isn’t the only reason to eat. I truly believe in giving yourself permission to eat in all scenarios so that you can be the expert of your own body.

For instance, let’s say you “don’t eat cookies”. But you’re at this party, and the cookies smell really good, everybody else is eating them, and you want to have a cookie. What would happen if you gave yourself endless permission to eat a cookie today, tomorrow, and the next day?

Suddenly, the cookie stops being a “treat” or a “cheat”. It’s just a cookie, and you’re able to really evaluate how good it tastes and how much of it you want to eat—without worrying that you won’t be able to have another cookie ever again, so you might as well eat as many as you can.

When you think about food this way, you can really stay true to the process rather than getting caught up in the story that you’re telling yourself.

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What did you think?

We absolutely LOVED this article and found it fun to summarize it for you. But more importantly, did it help you? As always, leave a comment below and we’d be happy to respond back!



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